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Parallax theme

This theme is built with latest web trend called Parallax effect where the background content is moved at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling


Slider theme

Slider theme is a simple and elegant image carousel with captions.


Materialize blog

This theme features multiple pages including a blog posts page, an about page, post preview, a contact page and footer with sign up form and social links.


Sign up form

Easy to plugin sign up form with icon prefixes to make the form input label even more clear.


Contact form

Contact form with icon prefixes along with embeded google map.


Stater template

Starter page with a Header, Features component and Footer.


Fixed Sidebar

Side bar is left aligned and fixed. You can customize to add more list elements


Collapsibles are simple widgets that allow you to expand or collapse content when clicked


A elegent horizontal navigation menu to place the logo and links pointing to important areas of your website.


Its a beautuful image slider with captions that is easy to embed.